Perempuan Dan Budaya Patriarki Dalam Tradisi, Keagamaan Di Bali (Studi Kasus Posisi Superordinat dan Subordinat Laki-Laki dan Perempuan

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I Komang Agus Darmayoga


           This study will examine a phenomenon where Balinese culture which is thick with a patriarchal system makes women do not have the power or movement of women is limited. The problem that arises then is that women's jobs or positions are not visible, even though when Balinese people carry out religious rituals, women get a very heavy task besides being housewives. The purpose of this study is to dig deeper into the position of Balinese women under the patriarchal system that binds them during religious rituals. Basically a society that adheres to a patriarchal system, especially in Bali, women do not have much freedom in terms of work, distribution of rights, and also in making decisions. Therefore, the problem in this research is the position of Balinese women in patriarchal culture and the implementation of religious ritual traditions. This study uses descriptive qualitative methods, with direct data collection at the location determined through interviews. The results obtained in this study illustrate that Balinese women actually have very important duties and positions both in the family and in society. This can be seen when there are religious rituals, where women hold the core or most important positions such as making offerings or ritual offerings, dancing sacred dances, and arranging the place and position of the offerings according to their place, and there are still many important tasks that must be done by women at this time. religious rituals are held. Thus it can be concluded, although women are bound by the patriarchal system adopted by society, Balinese women have a very important task and cannot be replaced by men, so women struggle to show their equality with men under patriarchal ties.


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